Engravable Self-Adhesive Metal Plates

I thought it would be very easy to find self-adhesive metal plates,
but I keep hitting dead ends. I need a couple of white-metal
(probably stainless steel) small metal plates to complete a project
for a customer. I have seen this type of plate on everything from
mantel clocks to wedding guest books, so I know they exist. The size
I am looking for is approximately 3" x 1".


Try a trophy supply house, or just a regular retail trophy shop. or
engraving shop. They always carry them in stock.

Ed in Kokomo

try trophy shops, they should be able to either direct you to their
source or get the plates for you.


Have you tried an engraving supply place, or trophy place?

If you can just find the metal, it doesn’t have to be self-adhesive.
There is a product sold in the crafts world under various names,
such as “Killer Adhesive” and others – it’s flat sheets, very
strong. The backing paper is salmon colored. Let me know if you
need it and I’ll try to find you a supplier.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

I think what you want are anodized aluminum plates.They come in
silver,gold, black and I guess other colors.They are easily cut to
size.I use a bench shear but you can use a jewelers saw as
well.Usually they are mounted with double stick tape or drilled and
mounted with small screws. They also engrave like butter compared to
stainless steel.


Dear Del,

The suppliers for the “trophy plates” which come in "colored"
aluminum and anodized aluminum are:

Hermes, Inc.

Accu Cutter Co.

Good luck,
Munya Avigail Upin

I also cut some plates of different size when needed. Most any shop
that deals in trophies or awards have rolls of double stick tape to
apply to the backs of the plates and we sold a lot of it to jewelers
that like to have odd size plates.

The best place to find this is your local trophy/engraving shop.
They will have a choice of sizes and metals.

Charles Friedman DDS
Ventura by the Sea
Sometime engraver