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English Language Jewelry-Making Magazines?

It felt terrible to see, “Special Final Issue” on the cover of my latest Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine. I have old copies that I’ve picked up at gem shows that are from decades ago (and still very interesting). So sad to see it go, like my disappointment at Art Jewelry Magazine going out of business. Does anyone know of any similar English language jewelry-making magazines? I can find lots of jewelry industry magazines, but none in the vein of Lapidary Journal or Art Jewelry.


I have searched and as far as I can tell there are no more jewelry/artist magazines in English available anymore. I am also disappointed. A sign of the times :cry:

You might check out the Metalsmith Magazine. It is put out by SNAG.
Link: About Metalsmith - Society of North American Goldsmiths

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So far only the print edition is gone… You can go onto and sign up for postings there. There are a lot of wonderful sites on Facebook you can join that can help with problems, techniques etc. I was disappointed also… Metalsmith doesn’t seem to have what Jewelry Artist had. If you are in the UK the I found magazines available (or they were when I was there) on jewelry making you could get in shops. But again Facebook look under metalsmith, Jewelry, lapidary, you will find several groups… also Youtube… amazing amount of jewelry artist share their knowledge there. Good luck.

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I’d highly recommend Rock & Gem Magazine

They always have good lapidary articles & sometimes complete jewelry how to.
And it’s always interesting to learn about the materials we work with.
And the best part is, it comes every month.


I’m wondering if my blog could be of any use to this new vacancy or void of magazines. We all must come to this rescue as there are too many of the jewellery artisans just sitting there.
My blog is going to 54 countries and has hit 48,860 readers.
These jewellers “are starving for some help” please let’s not ignore them! :scream::weary:

“Gerry, on my iPhone”


Join one of the many FB sites about metalsmithing/jewelry making… some have special rules about what you can post, just check them out… anyone that can give good info/tips are usually welcomed.

“Usually welcomed” as opposed to “not usually welcomed”. I find those 2 words a bit worrisome for my first impression.
I still find “Orchid-Ganoksin” my most fantastic sites that I have encountered.
There is another site that charges a yearly fee of $500.00 in US Funds, even that they are now “Canadian” owned.
This was an irritating point with the many original American members.
Here we don’t don’t give a “rats buttocks” where our members originate from.

“Gerry, on my Toronto, iPhone​:us::canada:

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wow, with all that’s going on, I hadn’t even noticed that my subscription to Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist had stopped! This really makes me sad, as my association with that magazine predates my own subscription by about 40 years! My grandparents, who described themselves as “Tennessee Rock Hounds” used to subscribe to Lapidary Journal (when it was called that) in the 1960’s and I got hooked on it way back then.

Yes, I too was so bummed to see this great print magazine go away. I loved the print version although I will give the online version a try. And as much as I despise Facebook (I truly hate it and how it is censored, etc.), but there are a lot of very helpful groups on Facebook. There seems to be some great people in these groups because they do not tolerate meanness posts from anyone. One group I truly love is Stamping Addicts because I do a lot of Navajo stamping. FB is also a pretty great place to buy cabs. Oh, and Instagram also has lots of useful information as well. …well that’s my 4 cents worth. (trying to remain positive) :woman_artist:t3::cactus::hammer: