Engagement ring floats away

Lefkos Hajji of London put a $12,000 engagement ring in a helium
balloon, intending for his girlfriend to pop the balloon when he
popped the question. Bad idea. The ring floated away into the
sky like so many ideas that seemed good at the time. And now his
girlfriend apparently won’t talk to him until he gets another


I’m having a bit of trouble having any sympathy for the guy. “Stupid
is as stupid does”, and “dumber than a sack of hatchets” is all I can
say! The girlfriend is probably better off not speaking to the guy
anyway. If he was THAT dumb what other phenomenally dumb things might
he pull in the future? Unbelievable!


A client of mine did the balloon thing about 10 years ago, and had
two of his 5 children stand with shotguns, or rifles in waiting, just
in case. He was asking his wife to marry him again, and had me make
an extremely elaborate, and exacting ring set for her, and himself as

This guy is an electronics engineer, and inventor, like hundreds of
others here in Kokomo (Delphi Electronics), and those guys can be
somewhat unique at times. Every angle, every single measurement
meant something to he & his wife in their relationship with each
other, and with God. He was so specific that every jeweler so far had
turned him down.

Anyway, his ballon didn’t get away, and, a few years back, his
eldest son did the same balloon trick with equal success.

In the years since, my client has either destroyed, or lost, all
pieces from the set, and had me remake them with changes in angles,
measurements, and stones representing changes in family, dates,
numbers, etc… Each time he comes in, he has beautifully done
sketches in colored pencil, with all the measurements graphed out, as
well as stone placements.

He’s a great guy, but kinda on the bizarre side.