Engagement Ring Design

I was recently contacted by a prospective customer who is interested
in an engagement ring for his fiancee. I am unable to help him with
his project and with his permission have forwarded his request to
Orchid in the hope that someone on the list will be able to design his

Please contact him off list (his email address and phone number
follow) as he is not a subscriber to Orchid. Thanks very much.
Steven Brixner


Your name was forewarded from Steve Bitner. He said you were
interested in designing an engagement ring. Congradulations. I would
be interested in helping you out. I have over 29 years in the
jewelery business as a designer/goldsmith as well as being the
gemstone buyer for a large catalog jewelery supply house here in

I can be reached at 505-830-3000 or at pscott@tbg.riogrande.com.

Phillip Scott GG