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Enamels under running water

Hallo enamellers,

I have been asked about the effects that constant running water over
enamelled copper pieces, which would be in an outdoor situation as
in a water feature.

The client needs some assurance from someone who has done something
similar some years previously that all will be well. Do you know of
any such piece that has weathered a long period of time?

I wondered if I should use lead free enamel? I would have to buy
this in as I still use my extensive stocks of Thompsons leaded for
most of my work. I do have quantities of Schauer leaded
transparents; do you think Schauer would be any more resistant to
any slight etching effect from any chemicals that may be in the

Adelaide would not have such a problem with acid rain as many places
in the world, but our water is hard with a high mineral content.
Thanks for your help, Jenny Gore

Those readers interested in 0utdoor enamels and the durability may
want to recall that one entire exterior building wall of the
Alexander’s Department Store was covered in an enamel mural in the
early 1970’s. Since I live in Southern California; I know of a
copper fountain which employs enamel forms. The last I knew, the
fountain was still on display at the Pacific View Memorial Park in
Newport Beach, California. Its only showed some signs of hardwater
stain. The enamelers were Dextra and Charles Frankel. It was a self
contained fountain 8ft x 3ft Regards, Mark