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Hiii!! Looking to start enamelling on silver and gold… are there any tips / things I should know? And Is there things such as enamelling pens or something along the lines of liquid enamel that I can use a fine brush for intricate and precise designs ?

Can I also use more than one colour without firing between applications?


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Hi there!
enameling is awesome!
I recommend getting a book or two to read up on the techniques so that you have successful results.

that way you can learn about the basics, as well as see the many different techniques and decide where you want to go.

there are many books available!

RioGrande also has some great video tutorials for kiln and torch firing method.

i will find some links to get you started.


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this is a great reference book to read.


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Get a copy of Karen Cohen’s book, The Fine Art of Enameling. That, and Linda Darty’s book will give you more information than you actually can use right away. Then. . . find a class (es) and learn, learn, learn. Enamels have their own idiosyncracies and it will take awhile to learn them. Re: you specific question about liquid enamel. . .Check out classes with Anne Havel (just google her).


look into sgraffito


i believe two painting techniques are called

check those out as well


As Linda says, check out Anne Havel who is a terrific instructor whose focus is on torch firing enamels.

Tanya Crane and Barbara Minor are both offering online classes through Pocosin using liquid enamels this spring…

Tanya is also offering an in person workshop at Snow Farm this summer.

As someone else mentioned earlier, there are also several good enamelist groups on FB.


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I have been taking Pocosin online classes this past year. They are great. I have taken them from Barbara Minor, Jan Harrel and Judy Stone. All excellent teachers. Leslie Perrino from Wisconsin is also amazing. I started taking classes at Thompson Enamel Factory in Kentucky. That was amazing. So much to learn.

I highly recommend Karen Cohen’s book. I’m new to Enameling and found her book less overwhelming & felt like I learned more.

Highly recommended…

Not sure if this has been said yet but I would highly recommend an enameling course. If you have enameled on copper and know the techniques then I will say that you must remember to use fine silver and to know that enamel colors fire differently on silver than they do on copper. In any case, the books recommended here are all very good but truly there is nothing like taking a course with a knowledgeable instructor to learn this craft.

I know for me I don’t live in an area that makes a class possible, forget about Covid.
But a class would be a stretch at any time.

I did find these videos a really good sort of “class” put together by the UK Enameling society . They go through all the different techniques & you can watch it over & over.
I highly recommend them, even though they are a bit pricey.

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Use fine silver rather than sterling; sterling is problematic. Look into using “china” paints to achieve fine lines, the only problem with them is that they are opaque. When enameling on silver, it may be necessary to use a “flux” under many colors such as reds, yellows or purples. Flux, in enameling circles, is a clear glass rather than a colored one.

Watch Ricky Franks and Sandra McEwen’s videos on Youtube, lots of good advice and techniques. If you are a jeweler, be aware that you can’t solder things once they’re enameled and if you do solder you’ll need to use eutectic, IT or hard solder as their melting points are a little higher than the melting point of the glass. Lead enamels often have more brillant and beautiful colors, but… lead.

You can put colors next to each other and even blend them but it is much like painting with sand; you’re moving grains of glass around. I do it all the time; I use the wetpacking technique. If you try wetpacking, it’s important to not let the piece dry out while you’re working on because if it does and you place wet enamels next to the dry it can make a ring. Welcome to the fun and wonderful world of enameling!


Enamel Artist Sandra McEwen also has a Vimeo class that is wonderful. It does require a paid monthly subscription (totally worth it!) and she releases a class every two weeks. If you are starting at a beginner level there are classes for you and if you are interested in higher (and very high) degrees of difficulty those are available, also - you have access to all her previously released classes (89 and counting). Included are instructions on creating sample color strips that you can use for the rest of your enameling career. And she has several classes with detailed instruction on using the computer program, Adobe Illustrator, to assist with design. Her work is gorgeous and her teaching style is meticulous, good natured, and enjoyable.

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