Enamelling on top of rhodium plated silver

Does anyone know if you can enamel on top of rhodium plated silver

I’d be leery of attempting this. Silver is not rhodium plated
directly. First it is nickel plated. Silver will be dissolved in the
rhodium solution, wrecking it, thus the nickel plating first.

Tom T.

The enamelling is impossible… the rhodium becomes black, it can
browse, blistering occur due to the expansion of the gases contained
in the underlying metal… better rhodium plating after enamelling

Thank you, for useful

hello Jinks,

I would not attempt it - there are too many variables including the
melt-down of the film like plating no matter the higher temperature
of melting straight rhodium- BUT Patsy Croft is a master enamellist I
would suggest contacting her at Alohalani Designs(her business) or
Marianne Hunter, who does frequent Orchid and in her own right an
expert! There may be a way to do it -particularly if it’s Plique
a’Jour. Anything more intensive or that requires multiple firings
would be out unless you reinforced the area to receive the enamel
with fine silver wire/strip, etc But Patsy would be the contact that
may have some tricks she could relate to you. Apologies I have
nothing more promising! rer