Enamelling books recommendation

Dear Members,

I am looking for books on enamelling of gold silver & copper.


I recommend Linda Darty’s The Art of Enameling. It’s a very good,
very comprehensive book.

I also wrote a book called Enameling on Metal Clay. It’s a
beginner’s book intended for those who have not tried enameling
before. The projects are relatively simple with easy to follow
instructions, and are specific for silver metal clay.

Here’s a link to both books

Pam East

The Art Of Enameling by Linda Darty Definately inspiring as well as
clear and well written information

Hi Umesh,

If you are looking for a very good book to learn the basics, get
"The Art of Enameling" by Linda Darty. It is clearly written and
covers everything you need to know to get started doing a number of
popular enameling techniques.

Vera Meyer

I am looking for books on enamelling of gold silver & copper. 

As an enameller and teacher, I thoroughly recommend Ruth Ball’s
Enamelling ” (Jewellery Handbooks) published by A&C Black.

It’s clear, covers a vast range of topics and is very good at
beginners’ and more advanced projects.

Also highly recommended, by Linda Darty, “The Art of Enameling”
Beautiful and instructive.

Both available from Amazon.

Best wishes


Enamelists in my group especially like The Art of Enameling,
Techniques, Projects, Inspiration by Linda Darty. If you are a
beginner then purchase the Thompson Enamel Company workbook which has
step by step lessons to learn and practice on. It is very inexpensive
with lots of

Barbara Pelowski, writing from Wisconsin where the weather is rainy
and welcome after a dry summer.

Jeanne Werge-Hartley’s Enamelling on Precious Metals

and Oppi Untracht’s Enameling on Metal Are excellent “how To”
references as well as providing some outstanding examples from some
of the foremost practioners.

Kind regards
Don Iorn

Enamels, Enameling, Enamelists by Glenice Lesley Matthews is
another first class book. It’s quite old - published in 1984, but
it’s comprehensive, clear and easy to follow. I think it is still in
use as a textbook - and it’s certainly available off Amazon. It’s not
expensive either.

Glenice is my mentor and friend, and a master - she told me she’d
written the book so that if ever students came to her with questions
or disasters with any particular project in the book, it would be
easy to run through and work out what had happened.

Jane Walker

Linda Darty’s book “The Art of Enameling” is good. “The Art of Fine Enameling” by Karen Cohen is also excellent. Cohen’s book is out of
print and very expensive if you find one, but a suggestion is to
check your local library’s. Sometimes if a book is out of print, and
has not been checked out much they are willing to sell it to you at
the original price.

Nancy Johnson

The Art of Enameling by Linda Darty could be used as textbook. A must

Sharon Kaplan