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i was wondering if any one has done much with enameling and
knows of a good good sourse for lead based enameling powders?



Hi, Allcraft has awsome enamels! call them at 800-645-7125 I
hope they can help you, Amber

Hi, Allcraft has awsome enamels! call them at >800-645-7125 I
hope they can help you, Amber

Amber & others,

As of 1 1/2 yrs. ago…allcraft had Thompson Enamels. They may
have changed suppliers, but check it out, going direct to the
source may be cheaper…


Hi April - I’d recommend you contact the following:

  1. Thompson’s Enamels at 1-800-291-3800 - they carry their own
    leaded and non-leaded enamels as well as lots of other
    specialized enameling supplies.

  2. Allcraft Tool & Supply Company at 1-800-645-7124. They
    carry both Thompson’s enamels and some out of the UK called

  3. Enamelwork Supply Company in Seattle Washington at
    206-525-9271 carries Schauer Enamels, although I have to say I
    have not ordered any of these from them.

  4. Another company I would try is the Enamel Emporium in
    Houston, Tx. at 713- 558-1634; I believe they import some of the
    Japanese products.

Is there a reason as to why you are interested specifically in
leaded enamels?