Enameling workshop suggestions?

Does anyone have any suggestions for weekend enameling workshops in
the US?

Thompson Enamel in Bellvue, KY does great weekend workshops that are
really affordable. Check out their website. They also have a very
cool Enamel Museum and the folks there are super-nice!

  1. Check out the Enamelist Society website for weekend workshops.
    The Enamelist Society Inc.

  2. I will be teaching a weeklong workshop at Snow Farm “Chasing the
    Rainbow; Enamels and Metal Clay”
    Snow Farm | The New England Craft Program

Hope this is useful
Linda Kaye-Moses

Thompson Enamels runs a pretty good (albeit basic) one in

Very affordable and they have a nice set up.


Would be helpful if you said what state you live in, unless you are
willing to fly to workshops :wink:

There are two coming up in July in Fayetteville, NC, and one in
April in Carrboro, NC…

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

The SNAG conference is having a post-conference workshop - Sun/Mon -
in Minneapolis, MN - April 27-28, 2014
Other places to check are -
Grains of Glass
The Guilded Lynx
Genevieve Flynn Studio
The Enamelist Society - pages on workshops

Your house, you’re oven, some enamel and a book. Assuming you can
already solder. If you don’t want to use your oven consider using a
neighbors. :wink:

I highly recommend Barbara Lewis as an instructor. You can find
about her and her workshops at

Camille - Portland

I attended a great workshop at Thompson Enamel.

also check out The Craft Guild of Dallas

we have Ricky Frank coming may 24-25 & may 26-28



The National Enamelist Guild is sponsoring a workshop by Ricky Frank
in Washington DC on April 25, 26, 27. Details are on the guild

Vera Meyer
NEG President

Check out all the enameling classes at John C. Campbell Folk school
in Brasstown NC.