Enameling supplies

Hello Everyone, I just purchased an enameling book and having done it
only once before, I have some questions for you. Where can one buy
an affordable set of sifting screens? I can’t seem to find a SET.
Everyone is selling them per piece, which adds up fast! Also, I was
interested in enameling on brass, but Thompsons discontinued their
low fire enamels. Does anyone know another maker and where they can
be obtained? Thanks again Everyone, your the best! Always, Augest

For most practical purposes graded screen sizes are not requirement
. You can find a few sizes of wire and plastic screen material at
the hardware store. There are also fabrics which have various size
openings that you can find easily. For more than you will ever
want see : http://www.mcmaster.com search under raw materials -
then perforated materials - page 332 or 333 shows copper screen
(there are 10 pages of mesh in various sizes and materials!) you
may also find some in the yellow pages depending on where you live.
For enamels and such you can make a screen holder from mason jar
rings. !/2 pint jars are about right. Glue 2 rings back to back
– then you can sift from jar to jar without dust and spilling.
Cut screen discs from what have you .Fabrics can be used between
window screen circles.


What you can do is make them, – you can purchase the screening
material from most enameling supply places. Then take some sort of
plastic container e.g. plastic measuring cup, yogurt container or
the like, cut the bottom out, heat that edge and stick the screening
on. Another alternative would be to cut a hole in a piece of plywood
and nail/staple the screen over it and sift through that – altho
that might be a little messier –


For making small screens for enamel, the plastic spools that package
ribbon comes on are about perfect, they even have a flange on each
end to keep the ribbon on the spool that gives ample gluing area. You
can buy bolting cloth for screens from Thompson Enamels.

Donna in VA

Schlaifer’s Enameling Supplies - 1012 Fair Oaks Ave. #170, Sout
Pasadena, Ca. 91030 800 525-5959. Incredibly, she somehow managed to
get the www.enameling.com name…Nice lady, experienced enamelist,
friendly. She has sifters now for about $6-$8 for set of 3 (plastic)