Enameling Suppliers

Enamelists, The supplier that I have used for over 20 years is in
Houston so it makes it very convenient fo me to teach here but
actually about 90% of Yoko’s business is mail order. Yoko carries
old Thompson lead bearing (what there is left of her stock),
Thompson lead free, Ninomya and a combination of other Japanese
suppliers when she is looking for a color that Ninomya does not
have. She also carries some enameling products that no one else
has . She has a catalogue…no e-mail…they are not even on a
computer … great service. We are spoiled rotten because of the
ease of getting supplies from her. Give her a try. Jan Harrell

Enamel Emporium
1221 Campbell Road
Houston, Texas 77055
owner-Yoko Hutchens