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Enameling-Oxidized copper edges

Hi all-
I’ve been working with enameling copper some lately, and actually like the blackened rim on the copper when it comes out of firing. Is this oxidation durable enough to have as a design element? Is it more or less long lasting than liver of sulfur (which I’d like to avoid if possible). Thanks!!!

I’ve never tried it, as I’m very new to enameling . But some people use “firescale” (the black color) in their design. Here’s an article that might start you off- but there’s lots of info out there


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Thanks Patty! I’ll take a look!

I recently purchased a new revised edition of a great book. Well worth the money, IMHO. Lots of techniques & understandable

If you seal the black it will stay as a finish. Otherwise it will flake and be messy if it’s for jewelry.

Thanks Patty and @mata. Can I seal it with flux, or would you recommend a different way?