Enameling over Electroplate

Just wondering if any of the enamelists out there have ever
electroplated gold or fine silver over sterling, then fired enamel
over the electroplate. If so, what were the results? I am wanted to
cast some sterling pieces with recessed areas for enameling, however
I would like some gold accents, and am looking for a cost effective
way to add gold under my enamels. Foil does not work well over finely
detailed or ornate areas – I lose the design. Thought I might try
plating, but don’t want to invest in the equipment if it doesn’t work

Kelly Payne www.indigoflameworks.com

I was looking for electroplating solutions last year, and came upon a
’plating pen’ offered by Rio.

The Russian made pen allows precise anode/cathode ‘spot’ plating
exactly where we want it. We now wonder what we did without it.

The pen is reasonably priced, and may be worth investigating for your

Good luck!

Michael Rogers
M. M. Rogers Design
Albuquerque, NM

I have enameled on copper electroforming, which is essentially
electroplating, just adding more metal. Usually the enameling is
successful, but occasionally the plated copper peels off, probably
due to the underlying metal not being clean.

Is there someplace nearby that you could test your idea before
buying equipment?

Alana Clearlake

It must be over twenty years ago that I tried to enamel over
electroplating so I don’t remember all the details. I do remember
that it was not very successful, colours muddy or plating peeling
off. Wouldn’t waste my money on it if I were you!

Jenny Gore.