Enameling manufactures


 And what are these Japanese leaded enamels folks keep mentioning?
Are Thompsons and Schauer no longer producing leaded enamels? 

Due to the restrictions on lead in the United States Thompson is no
longer able to manufacture leaded enamels. Of course, it is still
legal to sell enamels in the United States so it is possible to still
purchase them. Schauer, located in Austria, no longer manufactures
enamels for jewelry. There are still some available to purchase, but
when those are gone…well. I use Ninomiya leaded enamels…they are
still manufacturing enamels and coming out with more colors and
products. I believe there is also another company in Japan that also
produces enamels…someone on Orchid probably has used these as well.
I haven’t used them and cannot remember the name… There are still
Blythe and Bovano enamels which are a leaded enamel. I have not
tried these.

Linda Crawford
Linda Crawford Designs
Willits, CA