Enameling Kiln Recommendation Request

I am thinking of purchasing an enameling kiln for my apartment. It
is a hobby and I do not expect to make a living or doing mass
production from this wonderful art at this time. I would like still
like a solid piece of equipment that would handle mostly jewelry,
some small bowls, maybe something larger.

110 volts is preferable but I would look at 220 volts also. I am
investigating my wiring, hopefully the amperage is good and I can
use what I got, otherwise I will be making the electrician rich.

I am also concerned about fumes, and although I know there are many
who just recommend opening a window or using a fan. Has anyone
tried any commercial hood or other filtration arrangements?

All recommendations are appreciated.


Joel, Check out Arrow Springs 530-677-9485. Craig Milliron was very
helpful setting up the two kilns I use when I teach the enameling
class here at GIA. He was very accommodating and even changed the
kiln door size for us based on our needs. I have been running them
for five years now and have been satisfied.

Mark Maxwell