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Enameling conference opinions

A question for any past conference-goers / SNAGgers/ enamelists:

Does anyone have any input or opinions on which enameling conference
might be more worthwhile? I’m considering/deciding between two, The
Enamelist Society Conference 2005 (at Arrowmont in Sept) or the 2005
SNAG Conference (in Cleveland, OH in June). Especially with this
year’s SNAG conference being so enameling-oriented, both sound
similar in regards to workshops, topics, etc. For instance, Helen
Elliot’s “Porcelain on Steel: The New Language of Enamels” workshop
is even being given at both conferences. Is there any one who’s gone
to either of these conferences in the past that can give any quick


I’ve been to both SNAG and Enamelist Society confrences in the same
year. Not all enamelists are metalsmiths. The focus of the Enamelist
Society Conference and workshops is on enameling, techniques,
topics, what’s new and exciting in the field, etc. You eat lunch
together, you have meetings and slide shows after presentations. You
really live and breathe enameling for the whole period of the
conference and workshops. At SNAG you will meet some artists who
also work in enamels, but the majority usually is not that focused
on enameling. There is a difference in intensity of the subject
matter. If you are basically an enamelist, I’d recommend Arrowmont
and if you are mostly into metals, then SNAG would be better while
giving you an overview of enameling.

Donna in VA