Enameling Book

I am looking for an out-of-print book called Experimental Techniques
in Enameling by Fred Ball, and haven’t been able to find it, even with
searches by Alibris and similar out-of-print book search engines.
Does anyone have a copy that they would sell? Or, if it not a
violation of copyright law, since the book is out of print, would
anyone let me copy their book?

Marcie Mullaney

A great book, and sadly out of print, I photocopied it from a copy I
found in the New Rochelle , NY library. (please don’t tell on me, I
couldn’t find a used copy, either!) If you want to do an interlibrary
loan from your local library to New Rochelle, that’s an idea, or
contact me offlist and I can photocopy it for you. I have found some
great books through interlibrary loans, so I recommend contacting your
librarians to help you source Hoping this message doesn’t
start a thread on copyright infringement,

Juliet Gamarci

There is a book titled Experimental Techniques in Enameling by Ball
available on eBay The item number is: 570656814. Maybe this is what
you are looking for?? Good Luck.

Allison Vezeau