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Enameling a Boat

Hello All,

I would like to find an enameler in the New England - New York area
who can help me with this project.

I’m modeling a replica of Baja speed boat as a lapel pin. A long
section along the hull will be recessed to accomodate enameling with
raised lettering (in metal). Is 0.5mm an adequate depth for the
enamel? Because the customer wants a rich purple-blue color, it
might need to be deeper to achieve a good saturation of color. Also,
I was told that 14kt green gold is preferable for enameling work.
The piece will include diamonds. Does the stone setting work and
polishing need to be done before the enameling? Any advice will be
greatly appreciated.

Jesse Kaufman

CAD-CAM Technology
Handcrafted Originality
West Hartford, CT


I am taking my first enameling course in NYC at the 92nd St. (&
Lexington Ave) YMHA in the evenings. The teacher there Honey Jean
Larber is extremely helpful and could perhaps either take on your
project or point you to some people who could help. If you are in
the city, she is there on Tuesdays or Thursdays during the day and
evening. I don’t have an exact schedule for her during the days or a
phone number, sorry. You could try their jewelry department for more
info. As soon as I find my catalog from the Y, I’ll send you a phone

I am sure you’ll be getting some other replies, and I hope this