Enameled ring

Hi there: Does anyone know how to make a ring like this? Or can
you suggest a book or tutorial?

Thank you! – Trish

Hi Trish

This is easy. You need copper tube or sheet soldered togheter with
IT solder (hard) use vitreous enamel with klyr fire (glue- few drops
of Klyr fire in small dish with distilled water) wet apply to
inside-fire, wet apply outside and fire again. First firing lay on
one side, second firing lay on the other, clean the edges and that’s
all:) Best is fire the ring in kiln but you can use also torch.

Check books- Linda Darty- The art of Enamelling, or any book about


Trish- Do I know how to make that ring? I sure do. Can I tell you
how to do do it? Of course. I’d be happy to.

Would I make that ring my self? Never.

Why? Because as my late southern mother would say “Well now honey,
that’s not going to last until the water gets hot.” A ring that is
enameled all the way around like that one shown will last for only a
very few wearings before the enamel will crack and break.

Vitreous enamel is just ground up glass fired onto metal. Very soft
and very fragile. Your customers would be very unhappy.

If you still really really want to make that ring PM me offline and
I’ll be happy to tell you how.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

PS: If you want to see enameling done beautifully, look at James
Miller’s work as well as Marianne Hunter’s work. Both totally
different, both great examples of how enamel can be used.