Enameled lighter [again]

A couple weeks ago I posted a request for help with enameling a
Dunhill sterling cigarette lighter from the 1930’s. Some enamelists
contacted me off Orchid and I would like to share the

I had 3 concerns: 1] Working on sterling which had a lower melting
temperature. 2] Working in dimension. 3] The presence of the dreaded

I contacted a man that specialized in repairing Dunhill and he
confirmed that the sterling lighters were indeed soldered. After
cleaning tarnish and gunk away I could see some indications of solder
on the surface. The kicker was when I looked inside the lighter.
There was much solder flow present along the inside top ridge.

I suggested making the enamel separate and applying but the customer
would not go for it.

He called me Tuesday “My wife is not willing to let go of the
lighter at this time” [meaning she did not want it enameled just yet]
to which I replied with an emphatic, relieved GOOD.

The owner picked it up yesterday and informed me that he was going
to buy a kiln, get some leaded enamels and try himself to enamel on
sterling. I gave him some Klyrfire and counter enamel to play with.
Asked him to keep me posted.