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Lisa, do you use hard solder or IT? I get into trouble with
hard in a 1400+ kiln. @mbm



Do you know anything about the enamiling techniqu champlev=E9?
I = have read a brif description of it in supply catalog, but it
did not = give much detail. I am looking for a way to give my
acid etched = pices dramatic contrast, and have been disapointed
with liver of = sulfer. Any info would be greatly appriciated.


Isaac Coblentz


Champleve is very interesting. You might get Felicia Liban’s
book. It is very comprehensive and includes champleve.


Isaac, The book enamels, enameling, enamelist gives a pretty good
decription of champleve. I can’t recall the author right now,
sorry. It would be great for your acid etched pieces. Lisa


G’day Lisa; Thank you for all your informnation, and I hope you
will continue to enjoy this forum for a long time. Cheers,

       / /    John Burgess, 
      / /
     / //\    @John_Burgess2
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