Enamel workshop

Hello All- Does anyone know where I can take some courses in
enameling in NH or Ma? I live in Southern NH, and am a novice jeweler
who worked in oils for 20 years. I have been checking out so enamel
artists over the web and am psyched to head there myself- Cherie

Hello Cherie, You could try looking on some of the websites that list
enamel courses & workshops. In the eNAMEL Online Newsletter check out
the ‘Events’ section, and click on ‘Classes & Workshops,’ many
courses are listed there.

Check out the Enamel Classes website: http://www.enamelclasses.com/
They currently have a class listed that will be held in Sterling MA.
Susan Slepetz is the instructor. The class starts March 6th 2003

Check on Schlaifer’s Enameling Supplies website, they have a class
listing page.

Also Glass On Metal: http://glass-on-metal.com/ And The Enamelist
Society: http://enamelistsociety.org/

I wish you the best of luck enameling! Best Regards S. Scalise
@Ornamental_Creations http://users.netconnect.com.au/~sscalise/

Take a trip to Sunny California, Sacramento, Linda Crawford has one
week class starting April 14th to 18th, check her website out
lindacrawforddesigns.com. She is great, has been teaching here for a
few years and her students are very happy with their results. Nice
place and very affordable, with kitchenette to stay, Southwest
Airlines has great deals has great deals to Sacramento and we
welcome all. Regards, Dee

Dee Rouse Huth, Director
California Institute of Jewelry Training

(916) 487-1122