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Enamel supplier in an Asian country


Sharron, go to the website for the Enamelist Society and look for a
link there. You can also pose questions there. Ninomiya Color Co is a
Japanese manufacturer of enamels (shippo in Japanese). I’m sure any
of the American supply companies would be more than happy to ship to
you. Also, I am forwarding your message to a fellow board member who
is helping to sell some of the leaded enamels from a private source.
Maybe tomorrow, Saturday.

Good luck!
Marianne Hunter


Re: Teresa’s concerns over leaded enamels. I have been using leaded
enamels since 1967. My blood lead levels are fine and I use no
protective method other than holding my breath while sifting. All
the concerns about leaded enamel are in response to removing
everything with lead from contact with schools/children/food prep
etc. Don’t fill the air with fines (very fine enamel dust or
particles), get some ventilation (open door/window) when firing a lot
and don’t eat the stuff. You should be fine (good, not particulate!)

Marianne Hunter


I agree, the word ‘lead’ puts some people in a tizzy. I think I can
get some from Thompson, co. bright by a student’s relative next
month. So he’s hoping!



Hi, Since the emnamel topic is in discussion, can some one help me
with suppliers of resin enamels in INDIA ?

Thanks in advance
Best Regards,