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Enamel Guild West Annual Meeting

All those interested in enameling are welcome to join us in Southern
California for our Enamel Guild: West Annual Meeting, Jan 8, 2005,
11 AM to 1 PM at Tierrasanta Recreation Center, 1220 Clairmont Mesa
Blvd, Tierrasanta, CA. Because the location of the meeting is a city
recreation center, it is marked quite plainly on maps. The Thomas
Brothers Map [San Diego County] is page 1249 J-1

The program will be varied and interesting. Karla Mya Maxwell will
share photos from a recent project where she reproduced cloisonne
lids for 2 Japanese miniature vases that were approximately 100
years old. The lids were each 1" diameter and the 2 designs required
more than a total of four hundred 24K and fine silver wires. Edith
Kahn plans to bring her exquisite jewelry made as a teenager at a
trade school in Germany before her escape to South America. Joan
Schlaifer is bringing new products for our perusal and purchase.
Most likely Steve Artz will have things of interest as usual. Trish
McAleer, the original developer and author of the book “Metal
Corrugation”, has developed another tool to use with corrugation
that she will bring and demonstrate.

Please add to the fun by bringing your experiments and/or current
enamel work to share with us. Bring on any new books,
tools, simple tricks you’ve discovered. Bring to sell tools,
enamel, or books you no longer need. This is our time to see old and
new friends, to touch and see what’s current in the world of

The Door Prize donated by Mark Hoffman is a vertical etching tank
system that will handle up to (2) two 8" x 9" metal plates at one
time. The tank holds 1.35 gallons of etching solution. The system
comes with an air pump to agitate the etchant, a heater to keep the
etchant at the optimum temperature and a convenient work holder to
suspend the plate(s) into the etching solution. This system includes
a tight fitting top so the user can close the plastic tank & prevent
evaporation of the solution while the system is not in use.

There are restaurants close by to adjourn to afterward for lunch if
you choose.

Enamel Guild: West hosts workshops throughout the year. The upcoming
January workshop is texturing, forming and torch firing foils with
Steve Artz and Darielle Peugh. In the past our workshop presenters
have been: Diane Almeyda, Yoshiko Yamomoto, Jan Harrell, Jean Tudor,
Jenny Gore, Judy Stone, Falcher Fusager, D.X. Ross, Fay Rooke, and
Rebeka Laskin as well as varied subjects offered by our local

We welcome new enameling friends to join us. Please email me offline
if you are interested so that we might have seating for all.

Orchid Rules…Karla in Sunny So. California

It has been brought to my attention that there was an error in my
previous post. The address of the meeting is 11220 Clairmont Mesa
Blvd NOT 1220 as I previously wrote. Also, for those of you looking
for the address by computer, the zip code is 92124. Tierrasanta is
technically within the boundaries of the city of San Diego and thus
might not register under it’s own name.

I would also like to add that anyone that would like to receive our
newsletter may do so by becoming a member [$25 per calendar year].
The newsletter is published 4 times a year. Although we are based in
Southern California, we have members all over the world. Usually
after one of our workshops a review is written in which techniques
and/or tips are shared. If you are intersted in becoming a member
then please contact me off line. You do not have to be a member to
attend this Annual Meeting.

The following is a resubmission of the original post: