Enamel books

If you could recommend just one book on enameling, which would it
be? and why?

(Can you tell I’m trying to start a library? lol)

Thank you!
Pam East
Enamel Bead Making Made Easy!

Hi Pam,

-Enamels, Enameling, Enamelist by Glenice Lesley Matthews

-Cloisonne Enamelling and Jewelry Making by Felicia Liban & Louise

-Enameling on Metal by Oppi Untracht

I have all three and theye are all very good. Kind regards from very
sunny but cold Ankara, Oya Borahan

Pam, Look for “The Art of Enameling” by Margaret Seeler. It is out of
print, but I found a copy at my local library. This is a great
book, and very inspiring!

Lisa Greenbaum

A book I really like is

“A Manual of Ccloisonne and Champleve Enameling” P & J Strosahl and
Coral Shaffer

The book includes a lot more than the title indicates. Although the
original book( 1981) is well out of print and seemingly never
listed on used book sites. Coral Shaffer at Enamelwork Supply has
photocopies of a revised edition for $20 ( at one time) A bargain at
a higher price.

Enamelwork Supply Co. 206-525-9271 1022 NE 68th st Seattle,
Washington 98115

I have most of the older books but suggest this as worthy of being a
"first book" for a serious enthusiast. There are 4 new books
published this year or last. I have 3 of these and recommend two. I
have not seen the one from the UK mentioned here in the last few
weeks. I didn’t order it yet and can’t find the post today.

" The Art of Fne Enameling" (2002) $24.95 Karen L. Cohen ISBN
0-8069-7869-4 A modern presentation with lots of color. examples and
projects by well known current artists. Don’t ignore this one!

“Enameling with Profesionals” (2002) Lilyan Bachhrach" Isbn
0-9719252-0-8 Available from Linda Crawford and was recently offered
on this site. Not quite as flashy as the Cohen book but similar in
content with other artists. Don’t ignore this on either!

“Enamelling” (2001 UK) $29.95 US Joan Bolton Kng OK to fill out
a collection. Elementary


Pam - You pose a difficult question - to chose only one - especially
without knowing what techniques are most important to you. But,
following your rule I would select either one of Margaret Seeler’s
books “The Art of Enameling” or “Enamel Medium for Fine Art” - the
reason being that she includes not only a variety of enameling
techniques but she also does a better job than any other I have found
in showing possibilities for setting the enamels - for fabricating
the objects of which the enamels will be a part e.g. goblet, chalice,
etc. She demonstrates quite nicely how to set up a sample test piece
for a class of colors as with “flesh” tones, from beiges to pinks to
yellows to greys, etc. and points out alot of potential problems in
using and setting enamels not addressed by others. When I use
enamels I typically incorporate them into fabricated pieces so she is
my favorite to date.

I have not yet seen the book “Enamelling on Precious Metals” by
Jeanne Werge-Hartley nor the Dictionary of Enamelling by Speel but I
have many others. A number are now hard to find but show up
eventually if you keep looking. In my experience one can glean
something from each of the books available but no one book does it
all. I use Liban, “Cloisonne” primarily for its chain info and I love
Ball, “Experimental Techniques” for all of its non-cloisonne
free-spirit approach to enameling.

Sheridan Reed

I certainly agree with Sherry Reed in her choice of enamel books. I
started enameling in 1973 and Margaret Seeler’s book was my first.
She came to San Diego in 1976 as a juror for the first Enamel Guild
West International Exhibition and gave a workshop in La Jolla. Fred
Ball’s “Experimental Techniques” book is great, as is the books of
Kenneth Bates, the father of enameling. If you can find Bates’
books: the Enamelist, Enameling: Principals and Practice and Basic
Design. Louise @lgillin1