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[Enamel Bits] Trouble with Enamel


Question about a medal made of silver plated brass with releif
of the zodic for Gemini and has a very transparent enamel of Blue
color. Is ther any chance of repairing a small ding to the
surface and remelting the surface to repair to close to new?
Anyone have a sugestion for repair? Ron Kreml,


Hello Ron, Is it the metal that has the ding in it? If so, can
you push it out from the back? If not, can you file out the ding?
You could then polish it out and silver plate it. If it is the
enamel, you might consider using a low-temperature enamel to coat
the damaged surface. Contact me directly if I can help with more specifics.

Take care. Tom Arnold


HI: I have used a non heat set epoxy that is called I think (if
memory serves me) enamelon or something like that. It should be
available through the jewelry supply houses like Rio Grande or
Swest, Perhaps you might be able to match the color. as soon as
you try to heat the plating, it will delaminate! perhaps you
could start over as the stuff is transparent. hope I have helped.
Ringman John