[Enamel Bits] Mica Flakes

Hi All Somebody suggested the use of mica flakes for enamel. Can
anybody tell how to use them and how do they look like.And where can I
get them? Thanks Marco

Hi Marco, I use mica flakes sandwiched in-between colored and clear
glass then fuse them together in a small kiln for glass stones and
beads. The mica comes in quite a few colors and can be purchased at
stained glass supply shops.

Have fun Marta

Marco, I have had good results layering mica over opaque enamels, and
topping with 1 -2 layers of medium or hard flux. Also worked to mix
ground up mica into transparent enamels, again covered with a flux
layer. I haven’t tested to see what the maximum mix is. It does get
sparkly. Using larger flakes I think it looks kind of cheap. Smaller
uniform bits seem to me to act a little like dichroic glass.

I’d picked up some book mica off the ground going through South
Dakota. So it’s on the hoof so to speak. I cleaned it with plain
water, then a swish through drug store peroxide, and then rinsed with
water again. I dried it pretty thoroughly before crushing in a mortar
and pestle to about a 50 - 80 mesh. Would probably have been safer to
grind while wet… Anyway, I have extra, so if you want some, I’d be
glad to send some off. This isn’t the nice sheet mice used for plique
a jour, still book mica, but crumbly. HTH Connie

Eyeshadow is also made from mica, although ground to a finer
level…I used all my old stuff in glass fusing…Cheap stuff
works the best…

Susan Chastain

Hi Connie I’ve been having the hard time looking for mica flakes. I
have visited many art stores. and sometimes they look at me like an
alien and they don’t know what I’m talking about. Of course I would be
glad if you send me just a bit of what you’ve got. I would realy
appreciate it. Marco Mondragon 3767 Ibis St. San Diego Ca 92103

P.S How much do I have to send in order to pay the shipment or
something else?

    Eyeshadow is also made from mica, although ground to a finer
level....I used all my old stuff in glass fusing......Cheap stuff 
works the best..... 

How did you use the eye shadow in fusing? Nancy in Michigan

I put it on top of a piece of glass, then put a piece of clear glass
over the top and fused the “Sandwich” together. Susan in Florida