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[Enamel Bits] Kilin info

Could someone tell me what kind of kiln I would need to do enameling
and Dichroic glass, pottery beads? Possible give me the temps needed
for each process, as well as the position of the heat source.

Thank you again

For enameling, you need a kiln similiar to large ones, just on a
smaller scale as it is easier to work with and you do not lose as
much heat each time you open the door after firing. They have a PMC
Kiln in the Rio Grande catalog which is very suitable. Enamels
require different firing temps. usually ranging from 1300F to 1500F
max. I fire my japanese transparent enamels at about 1425F.

All pieces to be enameled are placed on trivets inside the kiln on a
firing board which protects the elements of the kiln. The heat source
is usually at the bottom of the kiln. Firing of a piece usually takes
a few minutes, everything has a ‘X’ factor though when considering
size of piece, amount of enamel layers etc. Hope this was helpful.

Sara D. Commers
C&L Gems LLC