[Enamel Bits][Help] Enameling Round Pieces

Help! My best client has asked me to make a ring with enameling. I
have taken some classes on enameling but am hesitant to try hers. I
have enameled flat and domed pieces but not round ones. Does anyone
out there know of someone I can contact to help me? I talked with a
company that makes rings with enameling and they said they could do
it, BUT it had to be one of their colors: Opaque blue, black, red,
green, just solids. I am looking for transparents. This client has
a few old pieces from Tiffany’s Schlumberger. She gave me a piece to
use as a sample color. I can make the ring but just need someone to
help me on the enamel part. I just can’t let this client down. Yes
I agree, I bit off a little more than I could chew.

Maybe one day I will be able to answer someone’s question. I feel as
though I am only asking them. Thanks so much. Kirsten Rabon.
Email: @studiok

In our advanced enameling class, we made rings that were enamelled
inside and out. It was no different that flat enamelling. The ring
is constructed with a lip to hold the enamels to the flat surface of
the ring itself. All soldering must be done with IT solder or you can
fuse the metals. The enamels must also be wetpacked. When done in
thin coats, the enamel will adhere very well to the ring. Make sure
the enamel dries prior to firing it. We set the ring flat on a piece
of mica which rested on a honeycomb board for firing. Remember, if
you are using transparent enamels, you will need to use fine silver or
24K gold. The other option is to enamel over silver or gold foil.
Good luck!

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Are you trying to enamel the piece yourself, or are you looking for
someone to do it for you? In either case you might want to contact
Tom Ellis at Thompson Enamel. They are located in Newport KY. Good
luck, Marilyn