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[Enamel Bits] Enameling Class

Howdy all: I live in NYC and I am interested in taking an
enameling class. I LOVE bright colors and I want to starting
having more fun with color in my jewerly besides just using
stones. Can someone suggest a good class to take somewhere?
there are a lot of places offering classes but I want one that
is really strong on teaching technique.

Thanks in advance!


DeDe–Where are you in NY? Felicia Liban teaches enameling in
Little Neck, but she will not be holding classes from now until
March or April. If you are interested let me know off line and I
can give you her address etc. Sandra (ElegantBee)

The 92nd St. Y should have classes in enamelling. Shana Kroiz
who runs the jewelry program at Md. Institute College of Art also
runs the program at the 92nd St. Y. She is a great instructor
for enamelling! I’ve taken 2 courses from her at MICA.

Hi - You are so lucky – NYC has such great resources available
and very often wonderful artists who are in town that offer
workshops, special classes, etc. I would check in with the 92nd
Street Y – they have a good jewelry program there and the
director, Shana Kroiz is an enamelist. (She has also run the
program at Maryland Institute in Baltimore for a number of


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