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[Enamel Bits] Decorating pewter with enamel?

I’m trying to find a way to add color to pewter and want a
glassy/hard appearance similar to enamel. I’ve heard of a 'cold’
enamel called Durenamel but don’t know of any distributors. Is this just an enamel paint?

hi, rio grande’s gems and findings catalog has both durenamel and
colores epoxy resin, with a nifty how-to section. their telephone
number is 1-800-545-6566. they also have a website:

have fun.

Rio sells an epoxy type of enamel–it may be Duranamel, but I’m not
sure of the brand. It comes in transparent and opaque colors. You
can also use clear epoxy and color it with pigments. I’ve used Devcon
30-minute clear enamel with good results.–Vicki

Dear Andrew,

I recently saw in some new products flyer a Ultraviolet light cured
coloring system. I think 3M might possibly make it. If fact I was just
going to ask all the Orched members if they have seen this product.
Any help out there? This material would work with anything and be hard
enough to hold up to most wear and tear.

Best Regards,

Tr the Teacher Todd Hawkinson

Durenamel will give you a hard glass-like finish on most objects. It
can be mixed to many colors. You have to mix the hardner and resin in
the proper amounts. Once mixed, it can be baked in a toaster oven,
conventional casting oven or your home oven. Care must be taken that
you do not heat over 150F. Once cured, It can be sanded and polished
to a high gloss, glass like finish.

This is available through Rio Grande in Albuquerque. 1-800-545-6566

Phillip Scott GG
from the land of enchantment in Sunny Albuquerque


Andrew Warren wrote: I don’t know about Durenamel but I have had
great success with a product called Ceramit. It is available at most
jewelry supply houses and is a polyester resin that comes in a two
part mix. The colors are either opaque or transparent and are very
vivid. I have seen this product used on very expensive designer
pieces. It is also spray able although I have never used that type of
application. I brush it on. Just a tip when using it. I often place
the mixed batch in the refrigerator to retard hardening if I am
applying several layers of the same color. I then place the object to
be enameled in an oven according to directions to accelerate the
hardening. This way I don’t have to mix a new batch of enamel for
each layer I apply. As always follow directions and health precautions
when using resins. Frank Goss.