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[Enamel Bits] Counter Enameling plus


A few people asked me to report on my end results with getting both
sides of wall pieces coated in one try. On the advice of Thompsons I
started with a fresh jar of enamel paint (LCE-whatever color you
want). Stirring frequently and working quickly I was able to get an
evenish coat on the backs of the pieces, I sifted a light coat of
powdered enamel onto this. Thin enough so that you could see the
liquid showing through a little. Let it dry and turned it over and
enameled the front…worked great. I just have to do it again at least
one more time to get a thick enough coat in the end. Maybe I wanted
too much too fast, imagine that.

Now here is another question for the enamelists who said they did
really large wall work. Are you doing a mosaic effect or do you have
really large kilns. I have a 16" opening and most enamelists I know
consider me lucky to have one so large. It cost quite a bit too!