[Enamel Bits] Cloisonne technique and supply tips

Hello Everyone, I am very interested in learning about Cloisonne and
would like to start using it my jewelry designs. Can anyone recommend
a source of or book on the techniques used in
manufacturing jewelry with Cloisonne materials? Also, can you refer
me to a good wholesale company for these types of supplies?

Thank you,
Mark E. Cunha

Mark, there is a wonderful little book by Jink McGrath titled, First
Steps in Enameling. Published by the Wellfleet Press, the isbn is
0-7858-0033-6. Think I paid about $10.00 for it. Regards Don at The
Charles Belle Studio where simple elegance IS fine jewelry.

There are two good books with instructions for cloisonne, “First
Steps in Enameling” by Jinks McGrath and “New Crafts: Enameling” by
Denise Palmer. Both books also cover other techniques that may be
useful to you.

If you are looking for enameling supplies please take a look at our
web site, www.enameling.com. On it we have our entire catalog as
well as a FAQ page for getting started in enameling.

May you always enamel with passion in your heart

Joan Schlaifer
Schlaifer’s Enameling Supplies
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South Pasadena, CA 91030
800 525-5959 626 441-1127

Hello Mark – I think one of the best all around basic in enameling
books is the one titled Enamels, Enameling, Enamelists by Glenice
Matthews. It not only covers cloisonne, but a little of all the
major enameling techniques. In addition, the text includes
on the basics to beginning the process and covers the
equipment as well.

There are three places to go for equipment and supplies and they are
(moving from the east coast to the west) : Allcraft in New York
(800-645-7124) – Tevil carries both Thompson Enamels as well as a
line of British enamels; Thompson Enamels in Kentucky (800-545-2776)
– they carry their brand of enamels, and Enamelwork Supply Company
in Seattle (800-596-3257) – Coral carries both Schauer Enamels
(German) and Ninomiya (Japanese) enamels. I’m sure there are other
suppliers, but I’ve had the most experience with these.

Enjoy !!
Laura Wiesler

In the April issue of AJM Magazine, Falcher Fusager of Magick Fusager
Demski Design in Berkeley, California, discuss his particular method
for creating cloissone jewelry. If anyone would like a copy of the
issue, just e-mail me your (physical) mailing address and we’ll get a
complimentary copy out to you.

John Shanahan, Associate Editor
AJM magazine
The Authority on Jewelry Manufacturing
401-274-3840, ext. 3037

Hello John I live in Australia. can I put my hand up for a copy,
please? I also recently saw a poster advertising classes. One class was
being run by Falcher. The picture accompanying the class information
was the dragon necklace. I remember reading in a magasine years ago
that this piece had been stolen. Was it ever recovered.?

Lyndan Blackman
P.O.Box S45
Homebush South 2140 Australia

p.s. I’d be most happy if you just wanted to send anything by e-mail
instead . Thanks in advance. L.