Enamel Bead Safety Issues

Hi, I make enamel glass beads using a benzomatic propane torch. When
I make my beads I am currently only wearing clear inexpensive ($10)
safety glasses. Should I be using one of the didymium glasses to
reduce sodium flare and ultraviolet light? Is infrared important for
this type of bead making?

Arrow Springs sells some of these types of glasses. See the link
below. If anyone knows of a better outlet for these glasses let me

I would like to correspond with other experienced enamel bead makers.
Feel free to write back to my email address.

Bob Selby @Selby_Bob
Thanks in advance for all help!!!

Hi Bob. I would direct you to www.auralens.com

Email or call Mike. He will direct you to the best protection for
your eyes for your situation. Didymium is not enough protection I
don’t think. Most of the people on the hot glass list I’m on use his
glasses and only have praise for them and Mike.

Standard disclaimers apply. No affiliation, just passing on some