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Emeralds - prices for synthetic and natural

A friend of mine asked me about the price differentials between
natural and synthetic (not imitation) emeralds. Since I don’t
normally work with such pricey stones, I have no idea what to tell
him. Does anyone know of a reference comparing pricing for
different sizes of loose emeralds, genuine and synthetic?



The question of the price differential between Synthetic and Genuine
Emeralds is a difficult question to answer without comparing quality
to quality since a Genuine 1 carat in very low quality can cost well
under $100.00 and a Chatam Lab created Emerald can cost $250.00 or

There are other Lab Created Emeralds that can cost well under
$100.00 for the same 1 carat size.

Imitation Emeralds are well under $15.00 for a 1 carat size.

If you compare based on Quality, A Chatam Created Emerald is close
to the top end of Emerald qualities so a 1 carat will run $350.00
retail or more and a 1 carat Genuine Emerald in the same quality can
run in the mid to high 4 figures.

Greg DeMark

    Does anyone know of a reference comparing pricing for different
sizes of loose emeralds, genuine and synthetic? 

I don’t know of a no-cost reference for gemstone prices of any kind,
apart from market research in stores, trade shows or on the
Internet. There are, however, subscription-type references
available. Unfortunately, most of them require personal and business
references from another established company, and none are free. To
add to your friend’s confusion, there are almost as many types of
synthetic emeralds and companies that manufacture them as there are
natural emeralds, and they are all priced differently.

Some price guides for colored stones (there are plenty of others)

The Guide (Gemworld International) - quarterly diamond & colored stone prices
650 Dundee Road, Suite 465
Northbrook, IL 60062

Michelson Gemstone Index - quarterly diamond & colored stone prices
3966 Summerville Way
Chester, NY 10921

Gemkey Market Monitor - monthly diamond & colored stone prices
45 West 45th Street, Suite 1501
New York, NY 10185

Polygon Network - online diamond & colored stone prices
PO Box 4806
Dillon, CO 80435

James in SoFl

Tas, you might try Chatham in San Francisco. 415-397-8450 or
800-222-2002 email I have known them for YEARS,
and just recently bought a 5 1/2 carat em. cut. They were VERY
helpful, and probably could give you an idea of comparison to
natural (mined) emeralds.

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718

I don’t know a reference, but you could check
They carry both natural and synthetic, so you could compare. My
experience has been that good quality natural costs more than
synthetic, but poor quality natural is less (you definitely tend to
get what you pay for!).

Beth in SC

I forwarded the question about Emerald and created Emeralds onto a
friend who is a faceter, here with permission is his reply.

  Terrie:  According to my "the guide" which is the bible in
  wholesale prices it goes as follows. 

  Hydrothermal eneralds---The best in the "synthetics"   Flat
  $75.00 per carat There is no premium for color since its all
  the same,  and not any rise for size since it available in
  boules and can be cut as large as you want. 

  Natural emeralds have big price swings. Saturation of color,
  cracks are noted. A general range I will give you is for
  "commercial" cut and "fine " cut Commercial cut-  mid range on
  the color/crack scale and weighing  2-3 cts $65-150 per carat 

  Fine scale--- Which means custom cut not jungle cut---good
  color and barest of cracks 2m to 3 carats commands $5,000 to
  $8000 per carat. 

  Hope this helps.  There are four pages of emerald pricing
  guides but this gives you the rough idea.

I totally agree with Greg. I set a full bezel 2 <carat Emerald deep
Green, deep pavillion, cost and with no taxes…$7,500.00. Costs for
the better merchandise can get a tad pricey, but “you get what you pay