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Emerald Bezel Setting

I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion for how to make a tapered bezel setting for an emerald cut stone. I see a bezel block on Otto Frei, but is some math and cutting and angles like a pattern where I could construct it myself?

I am essentially a beginner and so it’s very likely I’ve misunderstood your question, which I think is how to work out measurements for a collet bezel setting? If I haven’t, you may find this video useful.

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Thank you! I do know this technique (and kinda hard and very precise, which I am working on but am far from)! However I am not looking to set an emerald, I was looking to construct an emerald-shaped bezel without using a collet block. But, I buckled and ordered one. My 20 year old daughter has a particular interest in emerald set stones, which I am completely intimidated by. And, ironically, her birthstone is Emerald (which I believe are soft, so maybe not forgiving for a newb like myself!)
It would be great to help each other out down the road - I have an IG page TheStuAKJewelry, and an FB page TheStuAK if you are ever interested - I’d love feedback, suggestions, etc. Send yours if you have one, or by email even ( - thanks very much for your reply!