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Hi Dave, My wife has two embroidery machines that are part of her
home sewing business. She can digitize (turn into computer
embroidery instructions) designs also. If you send her a picture of
your logo, the size you want it, and the colors you want used to
make it, then she can tell you if it can be done and still look good
and give you a price. She can also make caps if you want to wear you
company logo to help advertise your business.

I cannot give a disclaimer. I am affiliated with her. She does a
Great job and is Very Affordable and is using the Best equipment.
Whenever I want some more equipment I “let” her get a new toy so I
can have a new toy. Anyone interested email me off line with
"Embroidery" in the subject line (so I will open the unrecognized
address) and I will make sure she gets it. Hope we can be of help.
John Daly Grand Junction, CO.