Embossing pancake die - Stag design

I want to start by overstating the obvious fact that is computers
weren’t the most wonderful, amazing things ever invented by man or
woman,they would be the most infernal, maddening devices ever
devised. I suppose they’re both, and mine seem like an addictive,
necessary evil, as often as not. I’m really just venting some
frustration over the hassles I just endured making a new Orchid blog


Between the problems logging in (minor, in retrospect) and using my
(“your browser is out of date; you need to upgrade now to have the
best Photobucket experience”) browser to do things it doesn’t want
to do anymore, I was pulling my hair out and asking myselfif it was
really all worth the trouble.

Of course it is, after everything finally cooperates, the picture
stays sized, and things look more or less like they’re supposed to
look, and who even cares what all the fuss was about ?. No shop cats
traumatized by loud cursing, no thrown-across-the-room printers, no
missing patches of scalp. All’s well that ends well, is what I

Anyway, there it is. I may have posted about this already (Stag Die)
but I never saw it on the list; maybe I missed it. Whatever… here
it is, with a good-sized description with the pic on the blog page.
The design is by Haw Creek Forge, out of North Carolina. They make
some cool copper garden art. The die is all me.