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Embedding tourmalines in resin?

Hi All, This is one of those middle of the night thoughts that
might not make sense in daylight, but here goes: I have a potful
of tourmaline chips… gorgeous pinks, greens and a few blues and
blacks and reds. While some could be cut as melee, others simply
aren’t suitable. Could I embed these in epoxy and slice and
polish as slices?

What type of epoxy would work and not yellow? Is there a trick
to eliminating air bubbles? I’ve never done any molds before…
so please direct me to an appropriate reference for the basics!

Any info would be appreciated! Carol

You might want to try using acrylic resin.

The polishing will be a problem due to the difference in
hardness of the resin and the tourm., but maybe if you have a
high tourm to plastic ratio you can get away with it.

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