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Embedding objects in clear resin

Hi All

I have been asked to set some items in resin for a ring and a
pendant, can anybody recommend a good quality clear resin i can use
and also where a can order it from, i have not been told exactly what
will be set in it yet (although a dead spider was mentioned) so i
cant give you that info so i guess i need on that will cover almost
anything. another thing is how do you go about it, do you pour half
in and let it go tacky before you set the item and pour the rest so
you dont see a join, also if you need to make any changes for any
reason after it has set can you file or sand it to shape, if you do
file or sand it whats the best thing to use so that you dont see any
marks after you have finished

hope someone can help

many thanks

I like Rio’s doming resin. Put a lamp over it as it cures to warm it
a little and reduce bubbles. Envirotex has some products people

Go to the site of Patera Findiings/Nunn Designs and click on videos
to see some videos on using resin.