Embedding insect in clear resin

I am looking for a resin ? or clear expoxy ? I want to pour (1/4 in
thick) a clear compound and then when hard, put an insect on it and
pour another 1/4 in. thick layer. I do not know what to call this
exactly, therefore can not look it up in archives. What would it be
called and where can I obtain it? Also if you have any suggestion it
would be appreciated.


If using epoxy, I would suggest using Epoxy 330 (clear-colored epoxy)
or Epoxy 220 (amber-colored epoxy). Both can be found at most jeweler
supply stores. This product produces a very hard surface when fully

Also, Rio Grande sells a product called Colores Doming Resin System
which may be a better product for this application. You could give
them a ring ask them which product they think would give you better

Michael Andrews