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Email issue -- Auto Generated Reply


Could you please tell me what the content of this email was ? I certainly don’t send “auto generated” emails. Thank you for sending me this notice.

Judy Bjorkman
Owego, NY 13827



 I don't know if I this was addressed to me or not, but if it was I have no knowledge f the email to which you refer.

Jerry in Kodiak


Jerry, I’m sorry to bother you — I did not send the email below to you. I was hoping to reach a staff person at Ganoksin, because I don’t know anything about an auto-generated email. I guess I’ll try Ganoksin on Monday.
All the best,


The best way to reach support is always to email s "" :slight_smile: You likely tried to reply to a system email or a mailing list email, but support can tell you for sure…


Thanks, Seth. I followed your advice. —Judy