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Elmer's Glue

Hi Kathy,

Elmer’s is a hide glue and is easily dulled.

Hate to disagree with you, but, Elmer’s isn’t a hide glue. There
are 2 types of Elmer’s Glue, the original white colored glue & a
cream colored glue sold as ‘Carpenter’s Wood Glue’. Both products
are mfgd. by the Borden Co. Borden originally was a dairy
products co. The main ingredient in the white Elmer’s glue is
caesin, a by product of processing whole cow’s milk. The cream
colored glue is a aliphatic resin glue.

Hide glues are usually mfgd from hides, hoves & other colagen
parts of animals.


Elmer’s is a water-based glue and you might get lucky if you
simply wiped it several times w/a damp cloth & soap. However, I
would put that thing in the warm ultrasonic for just a minuite or
simply soak it if the tourquoise is very old and fragile and it
should fall out. Reset it properly or re-cement it w/a proper

Steve Klepinger