Elk tooth and oak leaves?

This is a little late, but it took me a little while… Below
(thanks to Hanuman) is a link to a picture of a piece of antique
jewelry I inherited which has always puzzled me.
http://www.ganoksin.com/ftp/oak-leaf-pendant.jpg After the pictures
of elk teeth, it seems likely that I at last know what, if not
why. However, the whole pendant is only 1" long. Is that too small
to be an elk tooth? Is it more likely deer, or something else?
Everyone who sees it says “…wierd!” Anybody know anything? Thanks!


This is a classic piece of German Hunting Jewelry. The teeth can be
deer or any other type of cervus such as elk. This jewelry was very
popular in Germany, Austria, and a few other western european
countries in the last two centuries. Hunters would have the two eye
teeth of their kill set this way. One of my jewelry books even has a
section on how to set the darn things…exactly as your picture
shows by the way…but I have searched through my books, and darned
if I can find the dang thing. anyway…that’s what it is.

Lisa, (Gearing up for Philly and Baltimore), Topanga, CA USA