Elizabeth Taylor auction

Just to clue you all in - Liz’s estate is at Christie’s. I’m posting
the link to the catalog page, if it doesn’t work then it’s
buying/upcoming and use the jewelry filter. Some of it is “only” big
rocks but she had quite the collection, and we have her book of
jewels, too. Not everyone knows her father was a jeweler, I
suspect… Check it out…


Heck i spent just over $100 for Elizabeth Taylor’s - Coffee Table
Book “MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH JEWELRY” if you want to see fine jewelry
take a look at her book it’s incredible. i wish i could have just one
piece! She has a story that’s very detailed and personal for each
piece some of the sets she owned were antiques one was from Edith
Head, another from a collection that originated in the British Royal
Family. You want to know what fine jewelry is her collection has
different designers venerated and modern. Even Michael Jackson got in
on giving La Liz expensive custom made jewelry. Elizabeth even
designed jewelry for herself. Her knowledge and taste was impeccable.

Her collection was one of the most formidable in the Entire world
she was known in Jewelers circles around the world for her exquisite
taste and her completely DECADENT collection. Her true love affair
with jewelry is a fantasy for us all get hold of the book you’ll all