Electrostripping alternatives

Fellow Orchidites-

Have any of you come up with an alternative to Electrostripping with
Cyanide ? Regular suppliers (Otto-Frei) refuse to carry it anymore.

When making Platinum items with pure gold inlays I used a Cyanide
Electro-stripping solution to enhance the crystallization-process as
well as lowering the level of the gold inlay. This would also
enhance the outline of the gold inlay. Electro-stripping also
enabled me to ‘block-out’ other gold sections (fingernail polish)
which traditional acid baths would attack.

Anyone have any suggestions?

From Fog-Town, San Francisco.

Kim Eric Lilot.

Hi Kim,
I was wondering if you found a do around. I have Krohn electrostripper here in the studio and not sure where to find sodium cyanide balls, which I would really rather not have in the studio…