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Hi June,

You said:

If you are anyone has any suggestions on basic, beginner equipment and a good
pamphlet, book on electroforming I would be most appreciative. I have a local
rock shop that sometimes has good buys on used equipment and maybe I can find
something there.

A great source of info about tools, supplies, books etc is Rio Grande’s
(800-545-6566) catalog. The prices tend to be high, but it’s got probably the
best selection of stuff around & there’s also some technical info encluded. It’s
a good reference & it makes you feel good when you can find the same item for
less! Lapidary Journal (800-676-4367) has a book & video catalog. Then there’s
the GIA bookstore (sorry, don’t have their 800#), try, he can
give you the #.


Dear Dave:

Thanks for the tips. I have some old Rio Grande catalogues around here.
You’re right, they are expensive.

Warm regards,

I recently got an electro plating set up. Silver plating has worked
fine so far but I am finding that the gold plating is not working. I
am using Krohn 24 k yellow. I have heated it to the correct
temperature and I am using a stainless steel anode.

It suggest 4 to 6 volts and I have experimented with upping the
voltage to no effect. It is brand new solution but I am concerned
that it was bad from the start. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi Aurora,

The real question is “Plating on what”?

Some materials will take gold easily, some need a strike layer of
copper, or a barrier layer of nickel first.

Brass wants nickel first, to keep the brass from oxidizing through
the gold, and there are some things (like titanium) that won’t bond
to gold directly, so they want something like copper there first
that they will bond to, and then you put the gold on that.

It depends on what you’re trying to plate to. (and take this with a
grain of salt: I haven’t done much plating in years, other than
nickel for my tools every so often.)