Electroplating formulas

Hello orchidans,

I am looking for the formulation for preparing the electroplating
solution for the gold palting. Usally i used to mix the potassium
nitrate and pot.citrate and gpc mix with water and heated upto 60c
and then using the rectifiter 5.volts. but the formulation is not
working properly kindly guide me the correct formulation and other
conditions for the good plating.

Thanking you,

Hello Nagesh,

you should use a good quality D SALT powder of any of the
manufacturers of plating chemicals. all you need is:

a) GPC
b) D SALT powder (30/40 gms per litre)
c) D.M.Water(demineralised water)

heat the d.m. water upto 60c (which you already do), add D SALT
powder, stir till the powder desollves, add gpc, stir it
thoroughly, have a stainless steel (314 grade) anode, check rectifier
connections, apply 5/6 volts, and do a 8 to 10 second flesh.

you will get decent colour and shine.

Hitesh Satikunver
Tanvi Arts (jewellery surface decorators)