Electronic Soldering

Hello all, I’ve been lurking long enough and have come up with a
question. I have just purchased an HR Superior soldering machine
and have played with it a bit but would like to know where I can
find info on using this unit. Do you use flux when soldering?
Where do you place the carbon- on the joint to be soldered or on
the main body to be soldered to? Any help on using this unit
would be greatly appreciated. I eventually would like to do some
ring repair with it and anything else that may come along in the
repair field. Thanks, Rod Stark

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I purchased a unit like this new in about 1972. As I can
remember very little instructions came with the unit. I had
previously work for a “leased jewelry department” in a large
department store that did a lot of soldering charms on bracelets.
They were not allowed a torch and that is why we used the
soldering machine. It worked very well and when I opened up my
own shop I purchased one. To use it we would hold the jump
ring with the tweezers in the stand, with the opening of the
jump ring at the top, put on a drop of flux and lay a small
piece of solder on top. Touch the carbon rod to the solder, step
on the pedal and it was soldered. Too much current and it would
burn the metal away. It never seemed good for sizing rings or
anything else, but was great for jump rings.

Hope this help,

Jimmy Eriksson
J. Eriksson Gallery
Scottsdale, Arizona

I am looking for regarding electronic soldering. I do
weaving projects and solder wire ends to each other. I was looking
through the RIO catalog and found the electronic soldering machine
(#504=074). It seems perfect for what I am trying to do but I do not
know anyone that has used one. Does anyone have any comments
regarding this method of soldering?

Stephen J. Boudreau, P.E.


I looked at the unit on Rio’s online catalog. The number you give is
the flux. The machine is 503135.

We teach lower temp electronic soldering for Electroluminescent
Wire, a flexible glowing “neon” wire with a copper phosphor coated
interior wire. You can see them here at www.coolight.com or look up
EL Wire under images in a Google search. You can look up Utube too.

Electronic soldering is a whole different beastie than high temp
soldering. The solder gives off fumes, so a good exhaust unit is
necessary. My question would be, can you use regular high temperature
solders? If so, then heating the metal for solder transfer is
important, thus a flame is used.

The solder we use for our EL wire is rosin core not acid core. They
used to use lead, but no longer for obvious reasons.

After soldering with high temperature solders for so long, stepping
down to very low temp was difficult for me, but I have it down now.

The other part I am wondering about is the “video”. Video recorders
aren’t around much any more, and the DVD format is more widely used.

Saying this, with Rio, you have nothing to lose. Try it out and if
it works for you, great and if it doesn’t you can return the unit.

I’m sure we can all benefit from your investigation and experiments.


Karen Christians


You are correct about the catalog number. I noticed it after going
back to read what I had submitted. Opps! I am glad you noticed and
responded about the correct issue…thanks. I will check out the
coolight site. I have found very little online regarding electronic
soldering, except for regarding circuit boards. I will
see if I can get more info from RIO. As you say, since I can return
the unit, I will probably give it a try. I will let you know how it

Stephen J. Boudreau, P.E.